The chocolate journey

"It all started on a warm summer day in July 2019. The idea was probably just to start a new small hobby project on maternity leave, but the chocolate pralines that shone so beautifully when I first popped them out of the newly purchased praline mold told me that this was the start of something new." - Cecilia

Many failed attempts at home in the townhouse in Sollentuna led to a product that was too unique not to share with the public.

Ida & Cecilia, who together started the limited company Cecilia Nordström Chocolates, were both on parental leave at the time, each with a child on their hip. The dream of being able to start something of their own, to do something new and exciting, made them both quit their jobs and invest wholeheartedly in the newly started company.

At first, they handled business exclusively via e-commerce, where everything was done at home in the kitchen in Sollentuna. A manufacturing facility was at the top of the wish list.

They received the keys to the new premises in time for Christmas 2020. The first physical store in Råsunda, Stockholm, opened its doors on 1 February 2021.

Today we deliver chocolate to private customers throughout Sweden as well as to restaurants, hotels & retailers in the premium segment.

The company currently has 6 employees and the future looks bright.

You follow the chocolate journey daily via stories on Instagram, but here too we will share the journey in writing. Glad you want to join in!