Looking for gifts for employees or customers? Then you have found the right place! Everyone gets happy with chocolate, they've been around for a long time!

With us, you have the opportunity to customize both the chocolate and the packaging to suit your purpose. Give away a 2-pack of pralines in goodie bags, or a bag of truffles as an Easter gift or why not a large praline box as a gift on special days. We help you bring out the very best of gifts!

Is it time for an event and you're looking for something to go with the coffee? Look here!

Whether it's a party for the whole company, a lunch with colleagues or coffee with the customer and you want something good with your coffee - then our pralines are something for you. You yourself are involved in customizing your chocolate and can choose both appearance and taste.

Tailor-made pralines where you freely decide the colour, shape and taste cost from SEK 25/piece including VAT. At least 300 pralines per flavor and design.

Contact us and we'll tell you more!


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