We make use of

With sustainability in focus and after careful consideration, we have chosen to use chocolate from French Valrhona. Other ingredients are organic and locally produced as much as possible. In some of our pralines, you can find self-picked berries and fruits from personal donut stands.

Love is the secret

Each praline is unique and made by hand. All pralines are hand-painted and may therefore differ slightly in appearance. The interior of the pralines is cooked on the stove according to their own recipes and the shells are cast in the traditional way. We manufacture pralines and chocolate on a small scale where nuts, gluten and lactose are often found in our products.

Durability & Storage

The chocolate must be considered fresh as no preservatives are added. The chocolate is stored dry, cool and at a temperature of 15–18° C, but not in a refrigerator. See packaging for details.

With good conscience


CN Chocolates cares for people, the climate and the environment. The raw materials must be organic and locally produced to the greatest extent possible. For us, it is important that the cocoa farmers have a healthy working relationship and therefore only buy chocolate that ensures a good environment for the farmers and the entire process from bean to praline.